Skin Toner PH Balancers

Toners are designed to restore the skins PH level. Your PH is the acid mantel on the surface of your skin. When this is disturbed with the use of cleansers it leaves your skin vulnerable for 4 hours while it is reestablishing itself. This can cause premature aging as is causes damage.

Rose & Orange Blossom Toner

Sensitive/Acneic/Mature/Dry/Sun Damaged/Oily/Normal/Combination. This toner is a fresh, super-hydrating facial product with the delicate scent of Rose and Orange Blossom.

Colliodial Silver Toner

Acneic/Rosacea. This is a full sectrum anitbiotic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral spray is used to control all skin inflammatory issues. It is available is 10%-24% strengths for a varying degree of problems, can also be used internally with supervision.